Rendezvous is a dating app for singles 18 years and older that allows you to connect and date with other singles. Rendezvous will minimize the dialogue in the messaging. With the additional feature of leaving feedback for every specific date.


Connect. Date. Have fun. With Rendezvous, you’ll be connected with other singles in your area who are looking for like-minded individuals to have fun or get serious with. Whatever your goal, Rendezvous is a safe, exciting place to connect with people who share your preferences. When you download the Rendezvous app, you’ll find the simple, straightforward approach to dating you’ve been looking for. Why make dating harder than it already is? With the Rendezvous app, you’ll find a user-friendly platform created to make having conversations simple and taking the next step easier than ever.


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We know you don’t want to spend money on an app you’re not sure will work. That’s why Rendezvous is 100-percent free. We’re committed to providing singles with the platform they need to connect and we encourage you to invest your time instead of your money into meeting someone who’s right for you.

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